Monday, December 19, 2011

Big Changes

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:
 The old has gone, the new is here! - 2 Corinthians 5:17
What must it have been like for Mary? Young and engaged to be married; a cute little girl with high expectations and dreams for her future with Joseph. What was it like to find out that she was pregnant...with God's son no less? She was a brave girl. She believed and accepted that this was the Lord's will for her. She had to have known that from that point on, life was never going to be the same.

When you find out that you are going to have a baby, that you are going to get married or something equally as big, there is no way that you can go on with life as usual. Things are going to change. The other day I was chatting with the 5-year-old boy that I nanny for about how when I get married to Christian, I will go and live with him. It was one of the first times that I have ever talked aloud about moving out of my family's house. I have always lived with them and I know that it will be a big transition for me. Jonathan said, "Well, where is the rest of your family going to live?" I explained to him that I am the only one that is moving and that the rest of my family will still live in their house. "That's sad," he said.

It is kind of sad, I thought to myself, but I cannot be more happy about getting to start a new season of life with my new husband. When we get married, things will change. It would be plain crazy if I went on living with my family even when I am married. Who would think of doing such a thing?

It is similar when your hear the good news of Christ's birth, death and resurrection from the grave. When you chose to trust in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, life will never be the same. What if Mary had just gone on with her normal, everyday life after the angel Gabriel came to her? What if she hadn't accepted that she was pregnant? Eventually, people would have seen that baby bump and known. You can't just go on living your life like you did before you knew Christ. When you surrender your life to him you are transformed and become a new creation in him!

Let's remember Mary this Christmas and like her, become transformed by the good news of Jesus! He changes our lives forever!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Becoming a Titus 2 Woman

Today, I am the guest blogger featured on an awesome blog with the mission of encouraging women! You can view my post here. The ministry was created by women that my own mother mentored back in Texas. Now, I feel that these women mentor and encourage me. That is the way God created it to be...women encouraging women to love him more! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beginning at the Beginning

Above all else, guard your heart,
   for everything you do flows from it.
-          Proverbs 4:23 
My mom likes to say that we had to move to Georgia in order for me to meet the man that I would marry. A true Texan at heart, she also says that now that I’ve met Christian, they have to go back to Texas for my sister Emilie to meet her man. I met Christian and his family when I first moved to Georgia in 2006. I was fourteen years old. I was a mess when I moved. I had to move away from all of my friends and family; everything that I knew in the middle of the eighth grade. God really used that time in my life to really mold and shape me into the girl he wanted me to be.

It is fun now that Christian and I are engaged. We are reminded of lots of fun memories from those first years of knowing each other. I recently shared with him a journal entry that I wrote after I met him for the first time. It is written in chicken scratch, eight grade girl handwriting, but it is sweet. I definitely noticed Christian at that time and caught a glimpse of the wonderful man that I know today. At the end of the journal entry I actually wrote that I felt like God was prompting me to pray for Christian. I smile because there is no way I knew then that he was the guy that I would end up marrying. But God knew.

I share that sweet stuff because I want to remind young women, first of all, to guard their hearts. God knows the man that you will marry someday. He has great plans for you. Also, as you begin to notice guys; young men that you admire, start to consider what you like about them…and what you don’t like. Recognize the qualities that you want to look for in a husband. Girls, start to make a list. And please don’t begin the list with tall, dark and handsome (although, God does know the desires of your heart!). Start to pray for that amazing guy that God might have in store for you. Christian and I will both tell you that we prayed for each other, even before we had met. We prayed that God would provide a spouse that loved the Lord and lived for him. It is crazy to think when I wrote that journal entry, I was writing about my future husband. God’s plans are so much higher and greater than our own!  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be Different

I love to people watch and one of my favorite places to do it is in my university’s eating area. Over time, however, I realized that sitting there I would get to do much more than just watch…I would also get to listen. I promise I’m not a creeper and don’t try to listen to anyone in particular, but I have overheard some interesting conversations over the past few semesters. Sitting in the Commons and listening is always a reminder of what a lost and hurting world that we live in. The things that people dwell on and consider to be important never cease to amaze me, especially in college where conversation typically includes talk of the latest drug, Plan B contraception and plans for clubbing over the weekend.  I try not to be too surprised when I hear this type of talk, but my heart is soft and it often hurts.

Commitment to serve. What a beautiful picture. 
The other day I was sitting at a table right next to two girls. Their conversation made me perk up my ears because it sounded like they were talking about me. Okay, so they weren’t talking about me, but they were talking about a couple that they know that recently got engaged. It sounded like they were a young couple, so the girls were talking about how crazy it is to get married so young. Then, they mentioned that the girl who was getting married had never been kissed and that she was saving her kiss for the man that she would marry. “Why on earth would she want to do that?” They questioned.  The girls then began chatting about the guy’s proposal. As part of the proposal, he had secretly set up everything he needed to wash her feet following the ring and the question. Christian young women would probably swoon at that idea. The washing of feet is such a symbol of love, especially for your future spouse to humble himself at your feet. At least, that is what I think. But these girls, oh, they ripped this guy apart. “What a weird thing to do!” “Why did he do that?” “I would not want someone to wash MY feet when I am proposed to.”  

The comments coming from these girls represent the world. The world thinks that Christians are freaks. They think that we are so weird. They just don’t understand. They don’t understand the joy that comes from a relationship with the Lord; God’s grace and the freedom from sin. These girls didn’t know the precious gift that purity is; being able to save everything possible for marriage. Christian and I know and have prepared ourselves for the fact that some people are not going to be the most supportive of us getting married so young. The world tells us to finish college and get a job, to own a house and two cars and live together for awhile to see if we are truly compatible. But what they don’t understand is that we will be going into our marriage young and in love and with minimal baggage. We don’t have junk from past relationships to carry into our marriage like most thirty-year-olds that are getting married do. We don’t have it all figured out by any means, but thank goodness we have wise and godly parents and mentors spurring us on to become closer to each other and to Christ.

I challenge you to be okay with being different. You can be sure that there will be people, like these girls in the Commons, who will talk about you behind your back. They will talk about how weird you are for living your life for God. You may even have people say straight up to your face that you are crazy. I challenge you to smile and realize that they just don’t understand. Realize that and pray that someday they will.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rain Down on Me

Yesterday, I had to run from one building to another in the pouring rain. It took about thirty seconds for my jeans to be completely soaked through. Yes, it was THAT kind of pouring down rain. I had to get to my class so that I could take my math final. As I stood under the shelter of an overhang, I weighed my options. I could get soaking wet running to my car to grab my umbrella and be late for my final, or walk and get soaking wet and be on time for my final. Actually, I admit that I did have an option cross my mind which included my knight in shining armor rescuing me with an umbrella and a hug, but alas Christian was stuck at his school taking a test as well. So, I found myself taking my math final completely heat-to-toe wet and cold.

 I did have a smile on as I walked through the rain. It is one of those moments where you just have to have a sense of humor. I smiled up at God and thanked him then. Not sure for what, but just thanked him. Once I was home and dry I could fully appreciate the rain. I love rain. Christian and I were reflecting on how we love the smell of rain. It is such a sweet and earthy scent; a natural smell that only God himself could have invented. The rain so reminds me of how I have a never ending thirst for the Lord. I desire companionship with him. He can satisfy me in ways that no one else can. So, without hesitation I invite God’s presence to rain down on me. Rain down on me, Lord!

Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. ~ John 6:35

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like Jesus

Driving home after a wonderful beach trip is always a downer. It was a week full of biking, relaxing, swimming and EATING (We are lovers of all things involving snow and cones. Yum!). It took a lot to get everyone loaded up and dragged from the beach. No one wanted to leave! My mom told me that the boys could go home and that the girls would get a hotel room, stay another week and rent a car to get home. I thought that would be a fantastic plan!

The car ride back was pretty painless and I just had to share a sweet conversation that occurred between Maddie (three years old) and my mom. To give a little background: One of the highlights of the trip was riding bikes through the streets of the adorable beach town we called home for the week. To Maddie Kate's delight, my sixteen year old brother Landon spent time giving her rides in the basket of one of the bicycles. A little dangerous if you ask my mom, but nevertheless it was a blast for a little one like Maddie.

MK: Landon gives me ride on the handle bars!
Mom: Yes, Landon is a great big brother. He takes such good care of you!
MK: Jesus takes care of me.
Landon is like Jesus!

As we all smiled and laughed a little at the cuteness, we all sat there in awe over the fact that we are Jesus to Maddie. She is watching what we do and how we treat each other. The fact that she, at three years old, was able to make a connection between her brother's care with that of Jesus is incredible.

How true it is that as follower's of Christ we are to be like him. We are to be "Jesus with skin on" to people around us. You may be the only example of Jesus Christ that they will ever see. I have been reading "The Overcoming Life" by D.L. Moody this week at the beach and he quotes,"Where one man reads the Bible, a hundred read you and me." Be like Jesus and pray that he uses you in mighty ways to be his hands and feet here on the earth!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

My parents raised me so that I would treasure my purity and guard my heart closely for the man that I would one day marry. When I was little they would jokingly say to me, “Save your kisses for your husband.” Little did they know that I would grow into my teen years holding onto their words and establishing even higher standards for myself.

I have learned a lot about guarding my heart and staying pure over the years. I have discovered that it is not just about remaining physically pure until marriage. It is not just about waiting to have sex. It is about not giving my heart away. Its about not getting emotionally tied to any man that is not my husband. Most importantly, it is about an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is what author Dannah Gresh so amazingly communicates in her new book, What Are You Waiting For? This is a question that I have had to answer for myself in the past few years. Your parents can be godly, can share with you their desire for you to “wait for true love”, they can give you rules and a purity ring, but ultimately YOU are the one that will have to decide what you are waiting for.

This book addresses issues such as porn, homosexuality, masturbation – stuff that we are being faced with, stuff that our friends are being faced with in this fallen world that we live in. This book is not for the faint of heart, but the author’s love for God is what makes her passionate about sharing candidly with young women. Her purpose in writing this book is to deal biblically with questions that every girl wants to ask about sex. These are the issues that, sadly, are not being dealt with in the church. People are embarrassed to talk about them. This saddens me because I know that our God created sex to be something so beautiful between a man and woman united under the covenant of marriage. While the church remains silent, our world is currently in the business of distorting what God made to be a precious and holy gift.

When you finish this book, you will have a pretty incredible picture of God’s design for sex. You would not believe how romantic and creative our God is!

You can learn more about this book here...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Wonder Mom

I am a young woman who has grown up with a lot of dreams and passions that God has placed in my heart. Above all of them is a desire for motherhood. Don't worry, I'm not in any hurry to become a mom. However, everyday I am convinced that to be a mother could possibly be the greatest joy and privilege in life.

I am inspired all the time by countless women who have embraced the calling of being "mom". I feel blessed to know many wonderful, heroic, godly mothers that are an example to me and other young women. I don't care what the world's opinion is of being a mom or (gasp!) a stay at home mother is. I see it as a high calling, a important job and an adventure!

These are just a few of the characteristics I have seen recently in the wonder moms that I know. All of them deserve extra jewels in their crowns in in heaven by the way!

sacrifice - wow. the selflessness of some of the mommas know is incredible. time after time I see them trading their own personal desires for the very best for their families.

flexibility- there is hardly a dull moment is most of homes. step inside and you might see children running around, baby crying, food burning, yet that momma is holding it together. she may be ready to scream on the inside, but she is the glue that is keeping everything from falling apart and is flexible to change or any unforeseen circumstance.

willingness- she is willing to do pretty much anything to love on her kids and keep the peace in her home. if this means putting her job on hold to rush to their aid or her giving undivided attention, she is 100% there for them.

patience-oh boy, how do they do it? how do moms put up with the same drill over and over? the countless timeouts, spanks and is patience that could only come from the Lord Almighty.

unconditional love- the love of a mother is powerful. the way my mom loves me through all the ups and downs is amazing and I am so thankful for her. a mother's love is a reflection of God himself who is gracious to forgive us and love on us despite our sinfulness. sometimes love looks like a hug and a kiss. often this love may be discipline or correction. whatever way a mother's love is displayed it is always for the good of her child.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who continue to inspire and encourage me in the Lord. I hope to be a mom just like you someday.
Me and my wonder mom.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All the Single Ladies...All the Single Ladies

I am so thrilled that I am now finished with my freshman year in college! It is so nice to have a little extra time on my hands to read and write on my blog. I am excited to post my review of a book that is very near to my heart.

I just finished reading Praying for Your Future Husband after receiving it from the publisher to review on my blog. This is a new release by Robin Jones Gunn and her friend, Tricia Goyer that I have long been awaiting. I feel as if Robin has been a mentor to me. Like a close friend, I have “gotten to know” her over the years reading dozens of books in her fictional series targeted to girls and women. Her books are all so Christ-centered and have continued to point me and I am sure millions of other women to our True Love and King in heaven.

This book has been such an encouragement to me. I recommend it to any of my girlfriends and any moms who want to read it and hand it down to their daughters. Wow. I love Robin’s heart for prayer. Prayer is so powerful and I love learning more about being a prayer warrior. For single women, finding “the one” is on the forefront of the mind. Much time is also spent prayerfully seeking God and his plan and asking him to bring the right guy along. This book is a guide through God’s Word and a collection of real life stories from women who stopped to pray for the mystery man who they would someday marry.

In a world where instant gratification is expected and “serial dating” is a normal , Gunn and Goyer take time to pause and consider what would happen if young women begin to exhibit patience and a complete dependence on the Lord when it comes to their love lives. The best part about Praying for Your Future Husband is that God is faithful to answer our prayers! God is the lover of our souls and he will provide in his perfect timing. I love the quote, “Waiting time is not wasted time!” I hope every girl gets their hands on this book and beings to pray boldly for their future spouse. I can’t wait to see what he does!

Learn more about Robin Gunn and her heart for women here...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smart Girl / Stupid Girl

I am currently doing a Beth Moore bible study on the patriarchs of the bible. I was just reading about Joseph after he had been sold by his own brothers into slavery in Egypt. Still through that trial, God looked upon Joseph with favor and placed him in the house of Potiphar who was in the high ranks of Pharaoh's empire. Pretty soon, Potiphar saw that the hand of God was on Joseph and how everything he did became a success because of the Lord. Potiphar went as far as putting Joseph into command of his entire household and made him his right-hand man. As most of you know, Joseph had a lot going for him and even when faced with trial and temptation God gave him everything he needed to succeed.

Joseph faced his greatest challenge yet when Potiphar's alluring wife began to seek him out; desiring for him to sleep with her. In response, he gave the woman more than just a refusal, "And though she spoke to Joseph day after day, he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her." Gen. 39:10, but also reasons why. Joseph knew what was on the line for him. His master trusted him with everything and it would be a wicked sin against him and in the sight of God. Joseph successfully resisted temptation and came out on the other side a man of even stronger character.

With this story in mind, I ask you to consider…

What specific motivations do you have for not buckling to worldly temptations?

I named this post Smart Girl/Stupid Not So Smart Girl because, as women, we tend to be either of these -smart or stupid. I hesitate to even use the word stupid because I am so nice, but at the same time the truth is that we can be just plain stupid sometimes. I smile knowingly at the picture above that my lovely sister Emilie photographed. Love can make us dumb. Especially in the area of guy/girl relationships, the world often encourages us to throw caution to the wind and (in a Disney princess-y voice) "follow your heart." Below are some thoughts that might help you distinguish between being a smart girl and a stupid girl in various situations.

A Not-So-Smart Girl

Acts on impulse – Let look at this little dialogue…boy: Hey, I really like you; I think that you are really awesome and I was wondering if you would go out with me? girl: Oh yes! I like you too! (turns to girlfriends) Eeeek!!! Girls, so and so and I are dating!!! Cute right? Well, a little background for you, this boy and girl met on a missions trip and had known each other for a grand total of 1 week. This story really happened to this girl but thank goodness I didn't share the reaction of the girl above. This may sound like a goofy example, but it happens every day. A Not-So-Smart Girl makes decisions on impulse with no regard to reason or to God's will.

Lets emotions rule – This trait of a Not-So-Smart Girl goes hand in hand with the first, but emotions often wage a war inwardly. As women with "spaghetti brains (check out this video)," we have to keep out thoughts and emotions on tight reigns. An unwise girl is quick to gossip about others, posts thoughts that should remain private on sites like Facebook and has no control over what comes out of her mouth in front of guys and others.

Initiates - This is a trait that scares me the most about being a Not-So-Smart Girl. A girl that initiates a relationship with a boy is charting dangerous waters. God created men to want to chase and win a girl and her heart. If we turn to throwing ourselves on guys and don't make them earn our trust and affection then we are sacrificing the amazing plan God has for love and eventually marriage. A Not-So-Smart Girl chases boys, texts and calls them and sends them mixed messages in her actions and speech.

A Smart girl

Thinks things through- In regards to Joseph's story, Beth Moore says "We are wise to rehearse in advance our reasons for standing firm." Ladies, we need to decide what we are going to do in a given situation BEFORE we find ourselves wrapped up in it. Looking back to my middle school years I am thankful that my mom talked with me about what I would do if a boy "asked me out" or to be his "girlfriend." Knowing in advance what my response to them would be, whether it was a guy that was "stalking" me or a guy that I actually liked, helped me bypass so much drama and heartache. Likewise, when you are in a special relationship with the opposite sex you need to decide where to draw the line physically with that person. It is so important that you think through your reasons for standing firm in this precious area of purity. For me personally, being prepared in what I was going to say and do made me a smart girl especially into my high school years when I was making decisions mostly on my own. This leads me to another attribute…

Prays- Using the example of dealing with a boy, don't be afraid to take time to pray about a relationship. I promise God cares about your love life. If a guy thinks that you are weird for not accepting or giving him an answer right away, then he is not the guy for you. A girl who stops to talk to God about a decision whether big or small is smart.

Seeks wisdom- I remember being a cute, little 7th grader when a boy asked me to be his girlfriend. Going to someone who is older, wiser and further in their relationship with the Lord are all qualities that you need to look for in receiving counsel from someone. My mom talked me though what it would potentially look like to "go out" with this sweet friend. She reasoned that we would eventually bore of each other and then possibly break up. What would that do to our friendship? Would it be awkward? These were all questions my awesome mom talked me through. In the end I decided that it was better that we remained friends – and we are both now grown, in college and friends to this day! I am so thankful that I stopped to gain wisdom. I wonder how some of my middle school girlfriends would have advised me if I had told them about that boy first. Oh the drama!

This is good stuff; stuff that I am learning and have learned. Stuff that I want other girls to know. We want to be girls after God's own heart, seeking His face in everything we do and say! While I was writing this, my mom threw this book my way. It is a wonderful resource that shows the difference between being a "Girl Gone Wild" and a "Girl Gone Wise" with lots of scripture to back it up.

Girls Gone Wise: In a World Gone Wild by Mary A. Kassian

Also, check out the books awesome website!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


"Surely those who know the great, passionate heart of Jehovah must deny
their own loves to share in the expression of His."
-Jim Elliot

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Prayer 2.21.11


Give us a heart like yours.

You know the desires of our hearts.

You know us better than we know ourselves.

You are the only one that can satisfy, Lord.

Let nothing in this world hold us captive.

Allow us to be fully captivated by you.

You know our needs.

You will provide in your perfect timing.

Let nothing we do or say be in our timing.

Our ideas are skewed by the world.

No one should determine timing but you God.

You are the one that perfectly placed the earth into orbit.

You created time and to you, is it just a breath.

a blink.

a wink.

a whisper of the wind.

You created us.

Us. To do a good work.

You planned it all in advance for us to do.

You placed passions, gifts, talents in us along the way.

Before we could conceive what you were doing.

All before we knew.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Blessing or Not a Blessing?

While I'm on this theme of our many, MANY blessings. I thought I would share this fun little game to play. I got this idea from Beth Moore, who used to do this with her daughters.

"I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse."

- Genesis 12:3

To add a little biblical humor to your everyday situations and experiences, what you do is put everything under one of two headings...

1) A blessing.
2)Not a blessing.

or abbreviated...


For example, I would categorize tea as A.B. while I would place waking up early for 8am classes everyday as N.A.B.

I'm pretty sure that you will soon see that all things either are-or are not-a blessing.

In all seriousness, however, I am confident that through God, anything is possible. He can take even the most icky of non-blessings and redeem them. Through the blessing of a holy God all can be recovered. Never forget that.

Have a "blessed" weekend!

Snow! Definately A.B.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Radically Blessed

I am currently knee-deep in another amazing read.

The book is called "Radical" by a guy named David Platt. He is pastor at a mega church out in Birmingham and he is a man passionate about the Lord and His Word.

He begs the question, "Is Jesus worth it all to you?"
In the last couple of weeks I have been faced with thing after thing about how blessed I am and the blessings that God gives. Sometimes I am tempted to feel like I just might deserve a blessing every once and a while, but I don't. I have to fall flat on my face countless times before Him and remind myself that I am so unworthy. Scriptures like this one reminds me what, ultimately, it ALL about...

After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude
that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and
language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.
They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches
in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice:

"Salvation belongs to our God,
who sits on the throne,
and to the Lamb."

Revelation 7:9-10

In the end, it will be God who will be glorified, not me. Any way he blesses me is so that I can glorify him further on earth. David Platt talks about how "God blesses his people with extravagant grace so that they might extend his extravagant glory to all peoples on the earth." As I see this greater purpose for God's blessings, I want to make the decision not to hoard and hide the blessings I recieve, but to use them to make him famous.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blessed Through Abram

Before Abraham was Abraham, he was Abram. Before he was called by God, he was just an ordinary guy. He would have faded into the rest of the crowd in the polytheistic society of Ur, until the one true GOD called him by name. "The glory of God appeared" to him (Acts 7:2-3) and from that point on, there was no denying which god Abram would serve.

Abram's calling is clear in Genesis 12:2-3. How does this apply to me and to you? I can't wait to show you! Here's what God said...

"I will make you into a great nation

and I will bless you;

I will make your name great,

and you will be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you;

and whoever curses you,

I will curse;

and all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

Wow. Key words: "and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." Put quite simply, who knew that a guy in the Old Testament would directly affect me? I mean, I (as you may have) grew up in church singing,"Father Abraham had many sons; had many sons had father Abraham. I am one of them, and so are you. So let's just praise theLord!" But, a blessing from a Holy, Holy, God? Crazy.

So I began a bible study on the patriarchs by Beth Moore this week and I am already blown away by what I can learn from what God did...and is still doing today through men like Abraham in the Old Testament. I could go on and on about what God is showing me (and I probably will)!

Concerning this blessing that we (people of faith) receive from Abram's obedience so long ago, Beth Moore has this to say...

"If God blesses us, we don't have to ponder whether that blessing has further purpose. We're blessed to bless. Blessed with spiritual gifts? Bless with
them! Blessed with intelligence and and skills? Bless with them! Blessed
with finances? Bless with them!

You and I have been blessed. Nothing mystifies me more me more than why God
has chosen a former pit dweller like me. Others tell me they feel the same.
Imagine being Abram, however. One blessed man among all peoples on earth.
Why Abram?...Genesis 12:4 suggests a marvelous initial answer: "So Abram
left." Perhaps one answer is simply, 'Because he'd go.'"

I don't know about you, but this rocks my world. This applies to me in so many ways. When God asks me to do something, will I be obedient? Will I be willing to drop everything to follow God somewhere that I don't even know about? Will I allow God to bless me so that I can be a blessing to others and make His name famous? I hope so.

I want to say yes to Him. I want to be wherever He wants me to be. And the blessing is just a bonus.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Life is good and I am so blessed.
It has been fun to have some extra time to spruce up the blog a bit.
I hope you are encouraged by my personal testimony under my new tab labeled "Testify" and that my pictures under the tab "Captured" bring a smile to your face.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13