Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Wonder Mom

I am a young woman who has grown up with a lot of dreams and passions that God has placed in my heart. Above all of them is a desire for motherhood. Don't worry, I'm not in any hurry to become a mom. However, everyday I am convinced that to be a mother could possibly be the greatest joy and privilege in life.

I am inspired all the time by countless women who have embraced the calling of being "mom". I feel blessed to know many wonderful, heroic, godly mothers that are an example to me and other young women. I don't care what the world's opinion is of being a mom or (gasp!) a stay at home mother is. I see it as a high calling, a important job and an adventure!

These are just a few of the characteristics I have seen recently in the wonder moms that I know. All of them deserve extra jewels in their crowns in in heaven by the way!

sacrifice - wow. the selflessness of some of the mommas know is incredible. time after time I see them trading their own personal desires for the very best for their families.

flexibility- there is hardly a dull moment is most of homes. step inside and you might see children running around, baby crying, food burning, yet that momma is holding it together. she may be ready to scream on the inside, but she is the glue that is keeping everything from falling apart and is flexible to change or any unforeseen circumstance.

willingness- she is willing to do pretty much anything to love on her kids and keep the peace in her home. if this means putting her job on hold to rush to their aid or her giving undivided attention, she is 100% there for them.

patience-oh boy, how do they do it? how do moms put up with the same drill over and over? the countless timeouts, spanks and is patience that could only come from the Lord Almighty.

unconditional love- the love of a mother is powerful. the way my mom loves me through all the ups and downs is amazing and I am so thankful for her. a mother's love is a reflection of God himself who is gracious to forgive us and love on us despite our sinfulness. sometimes love looks like a hug and a kiss. often this love may be discipline or correction. whatever way a mother's love is displayed it is always for the good of her child.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who continue to inspire and encourage me in the Lord. I hope to be a mom just like you someday.
Me and my wonder mom.

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Tina said...

Great post, Lindsey! You are going to make such an incredible mom one day. I love the beautiful.