Thursday, June 14, 2012


I got to be quiet tonight. For what seems like the first time in awhile I was in the quiet; the stillness. I was able to just breathe. Just be at peace.

Everything that surrounds the planning of a wedding, everything that goes into it. The world that I am in right's crazy.

But it is so good.

It is chaotic at times.

But it is so sweet.

Everything is coming together so well. And when it all accumulates, it is going to be a day. A day that has been a long day coming. A day that will be very important to me and to Christian for many days to come.

It blows my mind to think that in 9 days I will be walking down a aisle in a church surrounded by the most amazing people in the world to me.

I really hope and pray that when it all comes down to it that I am focused on just two people. The godly young man that won my heart and the one that had it from the beginning, Jesus Christ. He is my everything. Everything that happens on that all goes back to him and the ultimate story that he is writing. As for us? We are just a small part.