Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waking Up

"What if this happens?"
"What if that happens?"
"What if I can't do it all?"
"What if..."
"What if..."
"What if..."

What are your thought like first thing in the morning? I feel like my mind always goes 100 mph despite the fact that my toes haven't even touched the floor! So many mornings, I feel like those first few moments laying in bed are my weakest moments of the day. I let fear and all the "what ifs" overwhelm me and I know that the enemy really loves it.

What I have learned about myself is that I must jump out of bed in the morning and straight into God's word. I realize the power of calling out His name in my weakness. I know He is always with me and so strong even when I am not (which is most of the time). Everyday, when I begin my day spending time with the Lord, I am reminded that I am not walking through my day alone, but with my heavenly father and friend who will never leave me.

For me, waking up in the morning doesn't just include opening my eyes but also opening my heart to God. I love how He is such an intimate God who wants to walk through every part of the day with me. With Him and Him alone, I can avoid the "what ifs".