Sunday, November 16, 2008

To: Ephesus

Today in Bible study, we started a study on the book of Ephesians.
Ephesians is one of my favorite books of the Bible because to me, it is like a "go to" book. Paul does an amazing job pretty much summing up the Christian walk. No matter where I am in my relationship with God, I know I can turn to any of Paul's letters as a source of encouragement or guidance.
I think God was reminding me today of what a great the book of Ephesians is and the times he has spoken to me from it in the past. The Word is most definitely alive!
Ah! I love Sundays! How was yours?

This is a picture I took of my adopted sister Maddie yesterday.


jon m. said...

My Sunday was awesome! Check out my blog to see what I'm doing tonight (I'll post it tonight...) It's really cool/funny!
Pretty much all of Paul's letter are great to read at any given moment. Ephesians is also one of my favorite books.

suzie said...

Lindsay, precious girl! i am so excited you are blogging! i am so amazed at what God has done through you. You are one amazing girl! Never take your eyes off Jesus! I can't wait to read your insights! love, ms suzie

coco #2 said...

I love Sundays. This Sunday was awesome. I really liked small group and am considering coming back again. I love Sundays and how we get to meet as a body of believers and just sing to God. Its a day that if you miss, you feel like you missed out on a party! Cause God loves to hear his kids sing and shout to him. Even if you cannot really sing(like me), its still a time when you just want to thank God and praise him.

Barrett Johnson said...

I'm with you on your love for Ephesians. My 20 year old Bible is showing signs of wear, but the pages in Ephesians are literally beginning to fall out of the binding.

:: jamie :: said...

Great post, Lindsey! Love that photo of Maddie, and I'm loving Ephesians as well! I linked up to you in my post today, too. :-)

Victoria said...

I love your new blog!! We need to talk about you babysitting my girls!