Friday, November 14, 2008


I have been wanting for forever to get a blog...and it's finally here! Basically
the theme of my blog is the wonder of my Lord Jesus Christ. He
literally takes my breath away sometimes. So my posts you will soon
discover are just little peeks into the those times when he leaves me


coco #2 said...

Sup Linds. Love the blog so far. I'll be a regular here.

jon m. said...

I love the blog! It's awesome.

jamie in rose cottage said...

Welcome to BlogLand!

All About Pictures said...

Sweet girl - you continue to leave me speechless - or the work the Lord does in you leaves me speechless anyway. I just love you girl and love watching you grow into an amazing Godly woman - you go girl - Ms. Kim

Sally Johnson said...

Lindsey, thanks for sharing what God is revealing to you and how He is touching your life. Through His power and this blogsite, you will share His love with many others....including your little Nanny! I love you and love seeing you grow in Him!