Friday, December 7, 2012

23 Weeks

Hi Baby Caleb! You sure are growing, growing! I love rubbing my belly and knowing you are safe in there. The Lord is holding both of us in his hands in a special way during this time. He dearly loves you and so do I. I love talking to you. You move around a lot when you hear momma's voice. You go even crazier about hearing your dad's voice though! He will ask you, "Caleb, where's your foot?" "Where's your arm?" And you respond by moving all around.

Don't even get me started with you aunts and uncles. Uncle Landon will talk to you really weird and make funny sounds and says that he is "training" you to know his voice. Just a little goofy! Maddie likes to head butt my belly and give both of us hugs. She is going to be amazing with you.

Right now our pregnancy trackers says that you are about the size of an ear of corn. Sounds a bit silly to me! At around 1 1/2 pounds and 8 1/2 inches long, I can't imagine you that size and all crammed in there. When we had an ultrasound at 22 weeks, the sonographer said that if we could hold you - you would be a perfect little doll. Everything about you is perfectly developed and proportioned at this stage. We even saw bits of your hair on the ultrasound as well as ten fingers and ten toes. The sonographer was joking that you looked like you had somewhere to be - you were trying to scoot away from her prodding.

With all these strong movements and busy little feet in there I keep asking you what sport you are going to play someday. Maybe you'll play baseball like your daddy and Uncle Mike or be a quick runner like Landon.

Nobody believes that I am 23 weeks pregnant with you; I am still so tiny. I know that it won't be long before your little body starts to take over mine! I'm thankful for this sweet time of transition when I haven't been experiencing too many big changes in my body. It probably won't last long! Ha! It is all a very worthwhile experience and your dad and I wouldn't have it any other way.

You are very loved!