Monday, November 19, 2012

19 Weeks

Bear with me as I play catch up on some life updates and pregnancy posts. Here is a little bit about my weekend at 19 weeks.

November 2-4 Christian and I both joined our 8th grade small groups from our church for DNOW weekend. I enjoyed getting to be with my sweet girls. I was a co leader and we had an amazing leader that came down from UGA to be with us. She did such a great job leading and that just left me with the job of getting to have fun, parent and clean up after the crazy girls! It was worth it though. They kept on complementing me over the weekend as I took care of them saying, "You are such a good mommy!" "You are the best mommy ever!" I was eating that up! That was the first weekend (at 19 weeks pregnant) that I truly felt like I had a baby bump. I can feel Caleb moving all the time. My small group girls had fun feeding me lots of Lucky Charms over the weekend and asking how Caleb was liking them. He does somersaults over his favorite dish. I don't mind eating a bowl myself! : ) Christian and I will have many "built-in" baby sitters that will be fighting over our little man! I am thankful for these beautiful girls and the godly example that I know they will set for our children. I'm sure that Caleb will love them and I look forward to telling him, "Caleb, this is the kind of young lady that you need to look for in a wife someday!" They love Jesus!

Our Fall Porch

"blessed are the people whose God is the Lord." psalm 144:15 So much to be thankful for! Here are some pictures of our front porch. We have so enjoyed this Georgia fall and are now ready to decorate for Christmastime. It's a sweet time.