Friday, July 6, 2012

A Place to Dwell

This is about my little dream house.

One of the goofy desires of my heart that the Lord decided to work out was getting to find a house in the historic area of our city. It has a different feel In contrast to the place Christian and I have lived with our families and I love that; I needed that. Even my mom says that when she drives over (just 15 minutes away from her house) she feels like she is in a different world. When I drive down the road (narrow street, traffic and all) I get the biggest smile on my face. I think that my father in heaven really likes the joy that this new place brings me.

The place our home sits is our new little world and that means new places to explore, new faces to meet and most importantly (just kidding) new restaurants to try. I am the biggest foodie!

Another important requirement that Christian and I looked for in a house is for one that we could move into right away. Especially as the wedding drew closer the pressure was on to find a place for us to dwell as a married couple. At one point we even began looking at apartments because we didn't want to force things or settle for just any home. But sure enough, God had a house in store for us and I loved it the moment I got to see it.

I had actually seen this home online several times over the course of months as I perused online listings. I always looked past it. I think thats funny now. The home I overlooked ended up being a very important place to me; to us. Our first home.

There are many more stories of our home. Stories that always point back to Jesus as Savior, God as provider and Spirit as friend. The Lord was with us all throughout the home buying process and he continues to make himself alive and evident to us as we have worked on and prepared this home. We truly consider this house to belong to God and look forward to seeing how he will allow us to use it for his glory.

Here are a couple before and after shots of our home...


Lauren Bradley said...

You have a beautiful home! I love it all :o)

Stephanie Loomis said...

This house is so YOU! I hope to be able to visit....

amberdawn said...

Wow! Beautiful! I am amazed at your decorating talents. And a little jealous, My homemaking abilities were definitely lacking when I was younger. :)

Helen said...

Lindsey, you have your mother's gift of turning a house into a home! I love what you have done with your darling house. I love the hardwood floors and the colors you have painted everything. Isn't it amazing how paint can totally change a room? Seems like not so many years ago I was helping your parents find their house when you all were moving to Georgia. Happy memories!!!

Much happiness to you and Christian in your new home!!

Helen Morris Crow