Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like Jesus

Driving home after a wonderful beach trip is always a downer. It was a week full of biking, relaxing, swimming and EATING (We are lovers of all things involving snow and cones. Yum!). It took a lot to get everyone loaded up and dragged from the beach. No one wanted to leave! My mom told me that the boys could go home and that the girls would get a hotel room, stay another week and rent a car to get home. I thought that would be a fantastic plan!

The car ride back was pretty painless and I just had to share a sweet conversation that occurred between Maddie (three years old) and my mom. To give a little background: One of the highlights of the trip was riding bikes through the streets of the adorable beach town we called home for the week. To Maddie Kate's delight, my sixteen year old brother Landon spent time giving her rides in the basket of one of the bicycles. A little dangerous if you ask my mom, but nevertheless it was a blast for a little one like Maddie.

MK: Landon gives me ride on the handle bars!
Mom: Yes, Landon is a great big brother. He takes such good care of you!
MK: Jesus takes care of me.
Landon is like Jesus!

As we all smiled and laughed a little at the cuteness, we all sat there in awe over the fact that we are Jesus to Maddie. She is watching what we do and how we treat each other. The fact that she, at three years old, was able to make a connection between her brother's care with that of Jesus is incredible.

How true it is that as follower's of Christ we are to be like him. We are to be "Jesus with skin on" to people around us. You may be the only example of Jesus Christ that they will ever see. I have been reading "The Overcoming Life" by D.L. Moody this week at the beach and he quotes,"Where one man reads the Bible, a hundred read you and me." Be like Jesus and pray that he uses you in mighty ways to be his hands and feet here on the earth!


MrsL said...

love it...thanks for sharing

See Jamie blog said...

Love this! What we do & how we act matters so much more than we realize!