Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Pumpkin

Our Saturday found us at 15 weeks growing our little pumpkin! It is becoming more and more real. On Wednesday, October 3 at 14 weeks and 4 days we got to see the baby! A friend of ours allowed us into an office she works in after hours to have an ultrasound. She let me know that our family could join us. I let my fam know. I told Robyn that we would have a "small crowd". I drove up to the doctors office to see my family and a few friends gathered on the sidewalk. I felt like a celebrity! All 11 of us, Robyn smiled and said she was setting a new record, crammed into the dark room with a big screen. It was a party.

The real party started when we saw the baby on the screen. Hi baby! I couldn't believe how much movement! My mom has mentioned that when you have an ultrasound later on in the pregnancy the baby doesn't have as much room to move about. At the stage I am at, it looked as if the baby was just chillin' with plenty of room to hang! We were falling in love more and more, all of us, as 5 perfect little fingers waved at us, four visible chambers of the heart beat wildly for our eyes to see and we may even have a Texas A&M fan on our hands as our pumpkin did a thumbs up "gig 'em" Aggies! I was just crying and crying. Sweet baby!

A pumpkin about the size of our guy at 15 weeks
Going into the ultrasound, I didn't have my hopes up too high. I didn't know how clear the image would be. I was so overwhelmed by the treat it was to spend so much time looking at our baby. Robyn took her time with us and at one point, she became determined to answer one question...boy or girl? We could not get this baby to face the right way or get into the right position! She had me get up and walk around the office and have some sugar. Everyone told me to do cartwheels! They were anxious to find out! I was excited to find out too, but I promise you I would have been just as content walking out of there without knowing. I was so happy to see what is going on in there. Still not quite showing my pregnancy at all, I find myself in awe that we are even pregnant at all. It is a true blessing.

 I got back up on the table and we went to work. Robyn is a pro! She has been doing this for over 30 years and it really is a gift! Eventually, my dad thought he saw something on the monitor and kind of freaked out. "What was that?!" He said and pointed. Robyn wasn't quite sure so she kept looking. Then, hello! We got a perfect view. Christian was a little uncomfortable about such talk and pictures taken of his son's manhood. But, it was just so cute and obvious!

We are having a boy! Names? He already has one! I look forward to sharing more about his name in a later post.

We are all so thrilled. I am blown away. With is being just a 50/50 chance, being boy or girl, you wouldn't believe how huge it is to find out. It just makes is so real. So, more about our little guy. He just has the sweetest little profile. He is busy kicking little legs and moving his arms all about and sucking his thumb. I saw. Robyn said that only the most content babies suck their thumbs. He seems to be quite comfortable there. With seeing how much he is moving around I really look forward to feeling him. At 15 weeks, he is about 4.5 inches and weighs between 2-3 ounces.

We had a wild weekend with "the kids". Its practice for us y'all. Practice. Our little sister Maddie Kate stayed at our house overnight. She has been begging my parents to let her have a sleepover with "Coco" and Lindsey. This 5-year-old is busy! She definitely keeps us on our toes. Christian remarked that he is glad we are getting to start our family young...while we still have the energy! We loaded up Christian's Scion with two teenaged girls, MK and Drew. Crammed tight, we headed to Burt's pumpkin patch in North Georgia. We had fun taking pictures and eating yummy pumpkin treats and going on the hayride. It was a glorious day weather-wise and the air was breezy and smelled of pumpkins sitting in the sun. Our group was a little on the diverse side, but we did well and made it to and from North Georgia safely and without killing each other. Barely. Just telling the truth y'all!


Chrissi said...

what a sweet, sweet post about your "pumkin"! can't wait to meet him :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post! What a fun & neat way to find out it's a boy! We love boys in our house :-) Thanks for sharing, love reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

That comment above was writen by me, Amy Whisnant :)