Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh Happy Day

God's favor shone down on me when I checked my email yesterday afternoon. All weekend I have been working on some crazy nutty math assignments that were due by my class this morning. It. Was. Torture. But glory, glory I checked my inbox and opened an email from my math professor saying that our THREE HOUR face-to-face class would be cancelled Monday. Oh happy day! Sweet words to read right there!

My week will now have a more pleasant start. Instead of sitting through a three hour math class this morning, I got to do my bible study, go for a walk, keep down eat a nutritious breakfast. It has been lovely.

Have you seen the show Duck Dynasty on A&E?  Christian and I don't have cable, but literally some of the fun we had this summer was getting to watch the episodes on the On Demand section of my parent's television. So funny. I love this family living in West Monroe, Louisiana that made a great living patenting duck calls and other hunting related items. They are rooted in their Christian faith, they raise their boys to be gentlemen and they all have a slap stick funny sense of humor. I discovered this little bit shared on Facebook this morning by a friend.

I don't know about you, but this week, I am taking Uncle Si's advice to heart. As an exhausted, pregnant lady I plan on enjoying my week the the best of my ability. I will work hard and I will nap.


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