Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tour - Day 4

Happy birthday Jesus! And happy birthday Landon!

Today, my baby brother turns 15! Yep, the big 1 -5! I think he is my favorite 15 year old too!

He loves the outdoors, he loves to serve others and most of all he loves the Lord!

I appreciate so much the young man that he is becoming! I think its crazy that I live in a world where when I talk highly of my siblings, people are surprised! But hear me now, I am so proud of my brother!

Landon and I have a lot of fun together and we have spent a lot more time together this year because we are actually taking the same high school science course. We have weekly study dates to Einsteins. I really enjoy the time I get to spend with him. This morning we went on a 6-mile bike ride and it was a killer. If it weren't for Landon, I would probably be a couch potato. lol

Ok...time for pictures!! He is going to kill me for this...

Landon was born a he is just a little baby no bigger that that bass!

Gig 'em Aggies! I really hope Landon will get to go to Texas A&M for college!

Aw...those were the good ol' days!

There's Lan with his "blankie!" He carried that thing everywhere!

Happy 15th Landon! I love you!


MrsL said...

Give the boy a birthday hug from me!

His Kid said...

I'm sure that Landon loves you as much as you love him. Here's to the birthday boys! Happy Birthday Landon!!! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Brittany said...

FIFTEEN. I still can't believe it. Happy birthday Landon!

{ jamie } said...

Happy birthday to Landon! I love the example that y'all set in what a sibling relationship ought to look like. :)

Kat said...

Happy birthday Landon!! From one who shares your birthday :)