Monday, June 15, 2009

Favorite Moment

I really miss blogging and I am ready to get back to it. I have still been keeping up with all of your blogs and am constantly being encouraged by them. So thank you thank you! For me, blogging has been such an uplifting hobby. : ]

So, by far, my favorite moment this week happened on Saturday night. Well, it all started Friday morning when I babysat a sweet little boy. We decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood when we came across a house that was for sale. There was obviously no one living there and the yard was evidence of this. The grass was higher than my ankles and there were weeds everywhere! But what took my breathe away were the hydrangea bushes in the front yard. Seriously, the only way I can describe how abundant the blooms were is that there were enough to decorate at least two weddings! haha

Well, I was just so tempted to just go up and pick some. So I did. The following day, my friends and I were headed over to a friend's house and decided to stop by the lonely house on the way. We also took a few tools with us; a big blue bucket (filled with water) and a few pairs of scissors.
It took all of two minutes to jump out of the car and fill the bucket with flowers. You would never even know we had been there, because of how many flowers!
It was such a fun little adventure! The result was a house filled with bright and cheery flowers! Check out these pictures!

That's not even all of them!

This hot pink one was my favorite!

I hope your summer is filled with joy and many "favorite moments"!


Tina said...

Awe, I love hydrangeas too! My neighbor has some of the beautiful blue ones...I gotta get me some of those since I just started my garden this year! I love reading about your adventures in life.

jon m. said...

Yay! Funny stories... I still can't get over what happened Sunday night!!! AH!!! lol

His Kid said...

good to see your blogging again. i've missed reading your posts.