Friday, September 7, 2012

Favorite Things {Fri}

Christian hangs out with a group of high school guys every other Friday afternoon at our old high school. I tagged along and had some fun catching up with a good teacher friend once her classes were finished for the day. It is so weird to be "grown up" now and be friends with my former teachers...not to mention I actually have my high school principal as a mother-in-law! It is awesome. They poured into me a lot during those years and they still do! It's nice to know people that know me well.

Afterwards we hopped over to the Homegoods and had some fun browsing around. My husband will shop with me and I like to think that he has a pretty good time doing it too. See how goofy? He is my favorite thing for Friday and while we didn't come home with the giant bowl and spoon (Christian wanted to use them for his cereal) we did pick out some cool baskets to collect papers and such in the office. Christian said we should put labels in the little slots that say "Lindsey's Stuff" and "Christian's Crap." Indeed, our newly decorated office has become a dumping ground for all of our school stuff (especially Christian's giant engineering textbooks). I will be sure to tidy up before I take you all on a tour soon. Happy Friday! Don't forget to think about your favorite things and to count your blessings!

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