Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Caleb's Heartbeat

It was so comforting to hear baby Caleb's heartbeat last week at 16 weeks. Christian and I both went to my routine prenatal checkup and ended up waiting for a long time while our doctor went across the street to the hospital to deliver TWO babies! Amazing! We got antsy from waiting, but it was worth it getting to hear that strong heartbeat. I know that God has already given me such a momma's heart as I often find myself worrying about our little guy. I know that it is not God's heart for us to walk in fear, but I can't help but feel reassured with something as tangible as the sound of those little thuds. It is a sweet sound.

I am already in love with my little man, but my husband still comes first! He is and always will be my best friend and there is nobody that I would rather hang out with. We made the most of the day, that was nearly halfway over with all that waiting, by enjoying a lunch out together.

Hears a little peek of our guy (pun intended)...
I don't like the audio file made it sound choppy...not quite as good as the real thing to be sure.

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