Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guess Who?

Guess who I met yesterday?

My boy TobyMac!!!

Oh, he is my favorite.

Me and my siblings are on a school break this week, and so what better things do we have to do other than stand in line for two hours in order to meet our favorite musician? The answer to that is not very much. We had nothing to lose, so we went to the Christian bookstore super early and waited and waited.

We were about 12th in line, so we were sitting indoors, unlike these loyal fans who had to stand out in the cold...

Good thing I had my new favorite game, "Bananagrams," in my purse! We played for awhile and listended to TobyMac's new album on our iPods. My brother went outside just in time to snap a picture of Toby arriving. Peace!

So yeah, the wait was totally worth it becasue I got to meet Toby. I don't even remember all I said to him, I do know that I got 3 knuckle punches and an autograph! From TobyMac! For reals! I was freaking out.

I love TobyMac and his heart for God! Buy his album! It's the best.


Jon M. said...

AWESOME!!! That is so exciting... I bet your mom will be so jealous! lol. Well, congrats! (Yeah, when I met the people from Hoot, I don't even remember what I said... and I don't remember what they said. But I will always remember that day! lol, that's not AT ALL weird...)

His Kid said...

Just don't forget: Toby Mac got to meet YOU!!! :)