Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Samuel, Samuel"

Do y'all want to hear what I learned from Samuel?
1 Samuel 3:1-10

This is one of those incredible stories in the Bible in which our holy, holy God's voice is audible. When I was a kid, this story didn't even phase me. I thought it wasn't surprising at all that God would choose to speak in an audible was NORMAL.

Now that I'm older, I pray more than ever for that child-like faith; to see God as HUGE and STRONG... instead of putting him into a box or limiting him. I appreciate the story of Samuel far more now! What an encouragement to hear this story again and be inspired by God's literal calling on the young boy's life!

I believe with everything in me that God is as living and active now as he was in Samuel's time. Unfortunately, God doesn't seem to speak to people ( at least not to me) in an audible voice as much as he used to. I think it probably has something to do with how loud we are! : )

Anyways, here's my little summary of this awesome story...

*1st off, Samuel is growing up in the temple of the most high God. He is sleeping where the Ark of God is! (vs. 3) Can you imagine?!

*Now, this is where Samuel hears God. God's voice must have been very clear because Samuel thought that it was Eli, the priest, who was calling him!

*I can just picture this old guy, Eli, trying to get some shut-eye, when Sam keeps keeps on showing up at his bedside waking him up! haha (vs. 5)

*Well, God continues, trying to get Samuel's attention. (vs. 6) He calls Samuel not once, not twice, BUT three times! "Samuel, Samuel!" He says. Can you imagine God calling your name like that? The very thought gives me goose bumps! Finally, Eli gets the picture and tells Samuel that it is probably God calling him.

*So finally, Samuel answers! He says, "Speak, for your servant is listening." (vs. 10)

Honestly, how often do we ask God to speak to us? Ha! Most of the time, we are rattling off our requests to him or complaining. Man, I hope God owns a pair of ear plugs for all the times I absolutely talked his ears off! : )

Samuel could have easily started talking to God, asking him questions and listing his complaints (or gone back to sleep!). But, this young boy realized how amazing it was that God wanted to speak to him. (And God wants to speak to our hearts too! )

Way better than doing all the talking, Samuel absolutely just basks in God's presence, listening to what all he had to say.

When I personally think about it, I would much rather hear from God than doing all the talking my self! There is no such thing as a one-way conversation! : )

A challenging question to ask is...

How often do we ALLOW God to speak to us?
This is one gigantic lesson that I'm learning from Samuel's story.
I need to be quiet sometimes; listening for God's still small voice.

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