Saturday, September 5, 2009

Noah and How He Relates to Preschool Messes

The blog has gone through a bit of a makeover.

It definitely reflects what my life is like right now.
School is going well. I think my Senior year is going to be bittersweet, as I am having a lot of
melancholy feelings right now.

I will be graduating from my Christian school in the year 2010 (the best grad. year ever!) with four other wonderful ladies, who are also some of my best friends. We are certainly sharing an important part of our lives together.

Anyways, I have taken a part-time job working childcare at my church one night a week. I have a great class of precious 2, going on 3 year olds. They keep me on my toes and we have SO much fun!
Those sweet kids are some of the inspiration I have to go back and read certain bible storys. Last week, we learned about Noah building the ark. We let the kids finger paint the water and a rainbow around a picture of the ark and it was MESSY! I had paint all over my pants when we were done! Regardless, It was worth it because these little guys thought it was so cool and got excited about the story of Noah. Their favorite part (which is mine also) was the promise God made using the rainbow!

The movie, Evan Almighty, is a great movie that puts the story into an interesting perspective. Imagine the entire story of Noah and the ark happening in mondern day! You have to see this movie! I can picture just how much scorn Noah revieved from others. They must have thought that he was a crazy man! But Noah was a man who followed God. Enough so that God spared his life.

I want to be like Noah; who was obedient and loyal to God despite what others thought about him.


His Kid said...

Great post! I love that movie! It gives us a good mental image of what Noah experienced. Keep up the good work!!

Brittany said...

Two things: LOVE the blog makeover and LOVE that movie!