Friday, August 31, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things {FRI}

Ahhh. I've made it to Friday. This has been the second full week since I started back to school and it has been quite an adventure.  I am in a classroom at a local elementary school one morning a week. I am with kindergarteners. It is so interesting because out of 20 students in the class about 17 of them are English language learning. They look at me with their big brown eyes and talk to me in Spanish. Solo hablo un poco de espanol. Sorry. Think about it though, most of these babies (they are so little) have had no preschool experience. This is their first experience in school and before this, they have only been at home with their moms and dads who speak only Spanish in the home. They have a lot to learn, but in just one week I see how they are catching on to what is expected of them in the classroom. I've been learning a lot too. Learning things like that hand sanitizer and wipes will be my best friends this semester. Already after one week in the schools I came down with a horrible cold. When I got to class on Monday with my peers after recovering over the weekend almost everyone of us was sneezing! Okay, so we have a huge learning curve, but we are all staying really positive. These are a few of my favorite things in the past few weeks...

  •  The elementary schools that I am spending my days in are just 4 miles from my house
  • The college that my brother is attending for dual enrollment is really close to our little house too! He blessed us the other day by dropping by and blowing the leaves out of our yard.
  •  Dinnertime. Christian works during the day and has to go finish up his senior year classes mostly in the evening. I enjoy our dinner times together when he gets to come home for a bit.
  • The ability to drop by my family's home. When I am home alone and bored I just have to hop in the car to drive fifteen minutes to house that is never lacking in commotion and joy.
  • A small house. I have been trying to get into a cleaning schedule that works for us and it has been pretty managable so far.
These are a few of my favorite things in my home.As a wedding gift I received this set of three adorable tea towels from Anthropologie. They were from my best friend and they were the sweetest things to open up at my shower. Everyone had a fit over them and passed them around the room. The first one says They fell in love, the next says They got married, and the third says They lived happily ever after. I love the birds the towels feature. Each embroidered tea towel has one of the phrases along with a cute little scene stitched in. My mom's favorite in the last one that has the little house with the mama and daddy bird with their (little) brood of babies. At my shower my mom yelled out, "There are six babies! There are six! It's a sign!" You can probably guess that my momma is looking forward to grand babies. Everyone, you might as well go ahead and start placing bets on how many kiddos we'll have one day. My mom will smile on you if you pick the higher numbers. : )

Well, as you can see, I didn't resort to simply hanging these tea towels on the side of the sink or near the oven and you would most definitely never catch me wiping my hands on them. My personal designer, my amazing mother, helped transform the towels into curtains for over my kitchen sink and the other one was made into a little curtain on our kitchen door's window. I love seeing them everyday and am reminded of just how sweet life is. They are a few of my favorite things in my home. They just make me smile. 

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