Friday, May 11, 2012

My Mini Me

Mother's day with my family was perfection. Mom said it was "The best mothers day ever!" It may have something to do with the fact that all of us kids are old enough to really do things to bless our mom. Emilie baked a delicious dessert. Landon went out and picked up her favorite breakfast. Drew wrote a heartfelt card. I cooked Sunday lunch. It was great. Mom got to be queen for the day...although she deserves it everyday.

This mothers day, I actually got to walk in my Mom's shoes a bit and get in on the action. Because my mom was out of town earlier in the week, I was left to the carpool lines and tending to the house. With Maddie Kate's preschool throwing a mother's day tea one day, Mom had me attend on her behalf. I felt unworthy of wearing the crown that Maddie had so lovingly glued plastic gems on. The preschool director did tell me to wear the crown after introducing me as "a big sister standing in for mom." Maddie's class sang some songs and then we went to the classroom for tea.

As we sipped "tea" (which was actually pink lemonade) and munched on Mint Milanos, one of the moms kept staring at me and Maddie together. She said, "I know that she is adopted, but I can't get over the resemblance!" I get this a lot. When MK and I are out together people try to figure us out. Even more so when it me and Maddie and my mom. I think people are trying to figure out who the mom is! One lady while at a yogurt shop asked, "Are you her mom?" When I told her that I am her big sis she said, "You look so much alike!" I love telling people that actually, she's adopted. It is such a compliment and a God-thing that Maddie and I get so many of these comments. She is such a blessing and I always share that God is into the details of our lives. Maddie is a very special girl and I am so thankful that God brought her into our lives through her heroic birth mom. Here is a picture of me and my little mini-me...

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