Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Miss Right

Guy/girl dating relationships in our world today can be so "me centered". People are so caught up in wanting to be "happy" that having a significant other becomes just another thing to help satisfy unquenchable desires. A person can't make you happy. You can only find fulfillment and true joy in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It occurred to me recently that girls are often on the hunt for "Mr. Right". We spend our time going gaga over the handsome actors in Hollywood and keep our eyes on the best guys in our friend groups. The truth is that, duh, there is no such thing as a perfect guy.

What if we, as girls, started trying to become Miss Right? What if we spent our time looking to God for our identity; searching God's word and allowing him to mold us into godly women? I believe that the result of this would be gorgeous ladies- inside and out! I cannot begin to imagine the impact this would make on girlfriends and guys around us. Our world wants to see something different. Let that difference be Christ in you! Become Miss Right, a girl that attracts the right kind of guy!

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