Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seasons of Life

I am loving the life stage that Christian and I are in right now. We were reflecting on the fact that after we got engaged last July several couples we know also became engaged. However, each and every one of those couples is beating us in getting married BEFORE us. I know because I see their cute little countdowns on twitter or Facebook. They are a month or even 8 days away from their big days while we are still planning and have a ways to go still. We are enduring/enjoying a pretty long engagement...almost a year, but what a great season it has been for us! A season of growth, maturity, learning and getting to know each others' strengths, weaknesses, gifts and more! I love Christian so much more than I did before. Even before we were engaged! I know without a shadow of a doubt that this time is making us stronger and healthier in the Lord and in our relationship.

Stages. Seasons. I love how God uses different times in our lives to draw us closer to himself. God used my courtship and engagement to Christian to show me his love, Christ's love for the Church and that, ultimately, that I am the bride of Christ. There are so many parallels between my relationship with Jesus and mine with Christian. I could go on and on. This is an intimate thought from deep within my heart, but I want to share it with you. Often, when Christian embraces me I cannot help but think that this is what it will be like when I am reunited with my first love Jesus Christ in heaven someday. I know that this is because Christian has guarded and loved me in a way that celebrates that I am a set-apart and beloved daughter of the King of kings. I pray that I get the spend the rest of my life on earth with Christian, yet being with him makes me yearn for Christ and heaven more. We both look forward to eternity together.  
I got to hold a newborn baby the other day. It is the closest that you can get to heaven is what I always say. She is a miracle; a gift from heaven above. So tiny and sweet. I look forward to the life stage of being parents. I can't imagine what it must be like to hold your baby and be so overcome with love, but know that God loves her way more than you ever could. It's overwhelming. It is one of those times in your life that God just has to teach you a lot about who is in control. You have to surrender everything, including your child to Him. 

For now, this whole time of engagement will soon come to a close and we will be standing at that alter tying the knot. We will enter a new season of married life with a sense of feeling prepared, but most of all we probably won't be ; ) I am sure it will be a time of greatly relying on the Lord and each other throught whatever comes our way. Exciting. 

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You always touch your Nanny's heart!