Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tour - Day 2

The day was pretty productive, that's for sure. Well, at this point the trip could be more accurately called a "sit around and eat" rather than a "tour" which indicates movement. lol

Sleep late. check.

Watch bits and pieces of random Christmas movies. check.

Stay in pajamas 'til noon. check.

Eat fudge. check.

Eat fresh baked apple cake. check.

Surf ETSY and blogs for hours. check.

Chill in the hammock. check.

Ride on the tractor (yep, that's no joke) check.

Watch Prince Caspian on the new HD flat screen. check.

Own brothers at a dart gun war. check.

Eat some more. check.

I was totally joking about the whole "being productive" thing. But then again, it is why they call it vacation right?

And for your entertainment, here is a very old picture I found at my grandparents'....

Yes, we are, in fact, matching. Wow, this is old.

Wasn't I cute??


All About Pictures said...

I have to say productive is the perfect way to describe this day - that is the most productive day I have ever heard described in my life - perfect if you ask me :) and thank you so much for posting this pic - I truly needed to see your moms great hair - haha - love and miss you guys!

Tina said...

Wow! :-) How fun to find old photos like that. Glad you guys are having a safe and fun vacation!