Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today, it has been a year since Brock's death. I miss him so very much and cherish every memory I have of him. Life is so short! I wish I had captured more of those memories on camera. The pictures below are the only pictures I took of Brock and I treasure them dearly. I may not have pictures of Brock and I jumping on the trampoline or reading his Bible together or playing the "monkey measurement" board game (which we could never figure out how to play), but I do have these pictures and the sweet memories that I will never forget. Love you and miss you Brockie! Have fun dancing with the angels!

Love, "Windsey"

At the pumpkin patch Oct. 2006

Drew and Brock

I love this one of Brock crawling into my lap.

Memorial Day 2007 weekend at Lake Lanier

The boys loved sitting in the inner tube!

Brock's favorite treat! Fall 2007

Brock supervising our gingerbread decorating.

December 2007

Brock and MK, whom he affectionately called "Maddie Tate."

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