Thursday, July 5, 2012

Settling In

The first week of July was the perfect time for Christian and I to settle into life together. Just in the first few days returning to our home we have been overwhelmed to hear from people we love just how sweet our wedding day was.

I understand now how important it is to get away on a honeymoon because we so badly needed to just focus on each other which is exactly what we got the chance to do. I didn't even get the chance to really (try to) process our wedding day until the plane touched back down in Atlanta on Sunday.

Now that we are back my mind is constantly being flooded with memories of amazing people and unforgettable moments that occurred not even two weeks ago. I can't believe June 23rd even happened. It was like a dream. A heavenly dream where I was gliding down a church aisle filled with joy and peace that can only come from the Holy Spirit. God was so there. So present with us. I cannot even begin to put into words how beautiful it all was. I still can't take it in.

We are married.

Christian returned to work Monday, my parents are out of town with the kids til Sunday, but a sweet blessing was left behind in Emilie! I am so glad she stayed behind from the family's trip to Texas because I so needed her. We were giddy and remembering all the wedding details together. We came. We laughed. We baked.

Here are some moments of pre fourth of July fun...

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