Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wanna Be A Wife?

Every girl dreams of finding that special someone to truly love her. Many young women spend their time wondering when their prince charming will come. They want their happily ever after. Do you really think that you are ready for true love; for marriage? I just finished working through a book by Debi Pearl called "Preparing to be a Help Meet". It opened my eyes and taught me a lot about what is looks like to get ready for marriage. And by "working through" I mean I was meticulously dissecting every page, vigorously highlighting and writing exuberant NOTES TO MYSELF IN THE MARGINS. Dont tell my MATH 3316 professor, but I have spent more time studying Debi's book in the last month than my notes from her class. To me, learning and studying this stuff is more important than even my classes at Kennesaw State. I know that busying myself preparing for the responsibility of being a wife will be far reaching and and will bear fruit in our marriage for years to come.

What I love about this book is that it is written to both married and unmarried women. Debi writes from experience. She doesn't talk down to us young ladies, but she does speak extremely frankly about what she knows well. She is a know-it-all and I love it about her. A youngin' like me needs the frankness. I need an older, godlier woman like her to speak into my life as I prepare to be a new wife. When I was reading the book I could just see her sitting me down and telling it how it is.

Debi Pearl's name may sound familiar to you. She and her husband started a ministry called No Greater Joy and she has also written a book called "Created to be His Help Meet". Which is more targeted towards married women. I want all "my girls" to know: do not wait to read this book until you are engaged. Take it from me, if you are a highschool/college/single girl that wonders about when and how you will ever come to meet "the one"; if you have even the smallest desire to get married someday; if you are struggling to chart the waters of opposite sex relationships in our crazy world need to get your hands on this book!

I found this book refreshing and I learned so much. And this is the FUN kind of learning. I couldn't put it down! Even if you don't like to read, the pages are organized in a neat format...words seriously jump off the page. It is also filled with journal-ing spots that I wrote in from time to time. Because of the way I wrote in it I know that I will keep this book and look back at what God was teaching me.

And hey, if any girls are interested I would totally do a book group to discuss it more. We could meet in our new home. More on that fun news to come!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this book and the first- Created to Be a Helpmeet. I had the same thought about doing a small group study on it. It will save young ladies lots of heart ache if they read this book. It will greatly reduce the learning curve in married life as well. Debi's husband has just released the counterpart book for men - Created to NEED a Helpmeet.