Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Said Yes.



I'm not sure why, but the story turned to silence as we sat side by side watching the clouds go by. Eventually, we jumped out of the boat and went up to the lake house to get ready for dinner and pictures.

For being at the lake where the dress code consists of wet swimsuits and shorts, it is an odd thing to get at all dressed up. I happily spent a generous amount of time showering, drying my hair, straightening the hair, perfecting the make-up and selecting an outfit. All for my amazing guy. At one point, even my mom and sister were in there helping me get ready for much more than I realized then - that's for sure!

I went downstairs feeling quite pretty and greeting my handsome man, I grabbed some dinner. We sat for a little while; me, Emilie and him. He said that he had already eaten and sat just watching me eat but not saying much. We ended up going inside and singing happy birthday to my little cousin Luke and afterwards I s-l-o-w-l-y enjoyed a few pieces of watermelon. Those must have been excruciatingly long and nerve-wracking moments for Christian who was about to make the biggest leap of faith of his life.

Christian asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. I said okay and he took me by the hand, all the while I was kind of not wanting to get all sweaty and gross right before we were going to go down to the beach anyways to take pictures.

I wondered if I should have told my parents where we were going so that they could meet us down there.

I wondered aloud where we were going...trying not to sound too annoyed.

I told him that I could walk all day long as long as I could be with him.

I thought of my parents' engagement story - how my mother complained the whole time and nearly ruined my dad's great, romantic plans.

This was one of those running-like-crazy, mind of a woman moments with so many thoughts going through my head.

I was totally oblivious.

So, we walked down to the lake's shore hand in hand. I chattered a little, but he remained relatively quiet. When we got towards the end where the beach was quiet and empty he stopped and pulled me into his arms. He was just holding me as I looked out on the lake and the beautiful sky.

Christian said something like, "Do you remember the story...our story that I was telling you earlier today? You know it wasn't finished yet."

He paused.

Now remember, I was facing away from him. At this point I was thinking and even mouthing to myself, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! This is it! Christian is going to get on one knee!"

"Do you want to hear the rest of the story?" he said. "The boy wanted to spend the rest of his life with the princess, but he had never backed it up...until now."

As Christian said those words, the world seemed to be moving in slow motion as he turned me to face him. He pulled out a little brown box and a ring, got on one knee and asked, "Lindsey, will you marry me?"

I don't even know what all I said except that I said "yes" over and over.

I would've given anything to see this moment from his eyes. What exactly did I say? What faces did I make? He told me later that I buckled at the knees a few times - he got a little worried, but he was so thrilled that I said yes!

We talked back and forth a lot - I said that I was excited and scared and so, so happy. I asked about the ring which is so perfect. I asked about who in my family knew. Everyone kept it a perfect secret from me. He had asked my dad back in December 2010 while I was  in Colorado skiing. He sat in my dad's office to ask for my hand in marriage...the same exact spot that he had asked my dad permission to take me to the homecoming dance when we were fifteen.

When we had hugged, and hugged and skipped and jumped around with joy he took my hands to his heart and prayed the most humble and sincere prayer over us. We absolutely just took in that moment in thanksgiving and worship to our holy and amazing God.

I was so nervous and excited walking back up to the house where all of my family awaited us. Part of me didn't want those moments alone to pass, but I couldn't imagine what it would be like to share this exciting news!

Almost to the lake house, I could see everyone standing on the deck. I heard someone behind us and turned to see Landon with a tripod, camera and FERNS. Yes, ferns in his hat attempting to camouflage. I have never been so happy to have a stalker as a sibling! I laughed ...and cried later when I saw the beautiful moments that he captured in the photos.

Everyone was just so thrilled. Especially my mother who was being eaten away at by keeping such a big secret from me. So full of joy! It was so sweet sharing what was going on with all the children in my family. Their little voices kept crying out, "Christian and Lindsey are engaged!!!" They sprayed silly string on us and threw ribbons and confetti. Everyone hugged and shook hands and congratulated us. My dad poured drinks to toast with. Some shared a fun word or blessing. I told our engagement story for the first time. I was teary-eyed as all of the people who dearly love us gathered round and laid hands on us to pray. What an overwhelming sense of peace rested on us in that moment.

The rest of the night was a whirlwind as we all went down to the beach to celebrate some more. My papa took beautiful pictures of us; we couldn't stop smiling. Later, we watched as the breathtaking Texas sky was painted by the hand of God. Many remarked that the weather and the sky was perfection; almost creating the feeling that we were inside a snow globe.

I had never been so unbelievably happy in my entire life.

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Purposely at Home said...

awww! congratulations! what an amazing story. really love the last picture...truly a beauty by God. :) hope you have a blessed week!