Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Leading Up To…

It was an amazing week leading up to my mission trip to Peru. It was actually Holy week; A week of remembrance and contemplation of my savior dying on the cross. I was so looking forward to the trip. It was all I was talking about, thinking about, praying about. During that week, I was spending a lot of time seeking the Lord and his purpose for us in Peru. He was breaking my heart for the people of Peru. I had never been to Peru, never met any people in Peru. Yet, God was preparing me for ministry in this country. I remember standing in church, worshiping on Palm Sunday, totally heartbroken and thankful for what Jesus did for me. I was burdened for the hearts of those who don't know him yet. I couldn't wait to get to Peru!!! The night before I left for Peru, I was at Passion City Church for their Good Friday service. My family, closest friends and I worshiped for HOURS that night. I didn't even care that I was leaving the next morning or that I still wasn't done packing. I was busy worshiping the Lord and getting super pumped for what God was going to do in Peru! I looked at my phone on the way out and realized that we had been there for nearly 4 hours! Oh, how I love joining in with the Heavens in song!

How cool is it that the first day we were in Peru it was Easter Sunday?? We spent the morning riding busses around the coast of Lima and up to the top of the mountains where we worshiped. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead! It was truly an unforgettable experience. We were able to be overwhelmed by a panoramic view of Lima and pray over the city. The Holy Spirit was totally present there with us. It was an amazing start to an incredible week ahead.

On top of this mountain, there is this huge cross. It looks more like a cell phone tower, but it is no mistake that it is this familiar shape. This cross stands overlooking the entire city and stands as a reminder of the light and precious peace that Jesus can bring. In this world that is filled with darkness, God is ultimately conqueror and will overcome it all. I believe in the early 90's there were some violent cults present in Lima, Peru. With evil hearts, these people would destroy cell phone towers, like this one, creating chaos and bringing a lot of unrest to the country. Now that those times are over, this cross continues to stand and to bring hope to the city.

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