Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A dear friend once said...

A dear friend once said to me, "You need to blog!"

Yes, I do confess and have come to realize that my blog has been neglected for awhile now.

It is quite a tragedy.

I do miss blogging. Life has been keeping me busy and I love it. I really do miss blogging, and even writing in my journal; both of which I haven't had much time for.

I think my problem is that I don't have something consistent to be writing about.

* I'm not a mom, like many blogger, who post adorable pictures of their children and write about their family's adventures.

*I am not a photographer, like many bloggers, who keep you updated with their latest photo shoot.

*I am not a 365 blogger, like many, who think up a fun challenge to do something for and entire year and blog about it. (Maybe I should come up with something to do for 365 days! Ha!)

Well, those are my blogging thoughts for the day. I do hope my dear friend is satisfied with this post and that she feels better soon. I will leave you with a question..

If you had to blog about a particular something for 365 days, what would you do? Think "Julie and Julia."

Have a happy Tuesday!


lindsey said...

your dear friend is satisfied! HA! i love you Lindsey B! :)
-Lindsey E

Victoria said...

I love your blog - your posts are very thoughtful. You could blog about a verse you like each day.