Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday My Friend!

Today is my dear friend Brittney's 17th birthday. She's back in Texas and we don't see each other a lot, but we are the greatest friends. We grew up together. We spent many hours playing barbies, "house" and dressing up her Pomeranian, Honey, in American girl doll clothes. haha

This is the type of friend that you just pick right back up where you left off. I love her to death and I am so blessed by her friendship. We have been through the ups and downs of life together and we will be friends forever.

I look forward to being in each other's weddings, and holding each other's babies and being really cute little old ladies together! That's kinda sappy, but really...this is THAT kind of bestfriend! : ) I love you Brittney Ray and I hope you are blessed today!

Weren't we cute?


Brittany said...

Oh my friend! I cried tears of joy reading this. I love you soooo much!

All About Pictures said...

I LOVE this pic you sweet girls - even if you do make me feel old :)