Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lindsey A

Just like Maddie Kate's speedy adoption process (from the time we heard about her birth mom and to the point of holding Maddie in our arms was less than 4 months!), my sweet new friend Lindsey's adoption has been very quick! Our good friends the Worley family first found out about Lindsey little more than a few months ago. Now she is a part of their family and will be "officially" adopted very soon!

There is plenty more to this awesome story, but basically I can sum it up by saying that God's plans are so much greater than our own! I have gotten to see God's hand all over Lindsey's placement and adoption! It is super exciting! Jamie, Lindsey's new mom, laughs that she would've never imagined that she would "give birth" to a teenager!

It has been so great getting to know "Lindsey A" better! She has such an awesome personality and a contagious, enthusiastic love for God! (I think we share a lot more than just our name.) We have been dubbed "Lindsey A" and "Lindsey B" by our families. Some people think "A" and "B" is like "1" and "2" but actually it is because of our middle names, "Anne" and "Beth"!

I thank God for Lindsey and her wonderful testimony!

This is her blog...


Brittany said...

Wow. Awesome story. Awesome God. Awesome young lady.

{ jamie } said...

I thank God for you & your family in being such an encouragement, and for deciding to love Lindsey A before you even met her! We're blessed to call y'all friends! ♥

lindsey said...

Lindsey B,
thank you for the wonderful stuff you do i thank god everyday for all of you(:
i love you and can't wait to see you and Emilie !!
omg i finally can do the whole Hoedown Throwdown(: