Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The last few months, I have found myself beginning many of my journal entries with the word 'wow'.

For example...

"Wow! Thank you God!" or "Wow! Look at what God did!" and "Wow! I really need to update my blog!" ; ]

Even if I didn't start out a particular journal entry with the word 'wow', looking back at what God has done in my life usually induces a 'wow' or two.

At this point, I should probably change my blog's name to "WOW! My God is so great!"

My goal for the coming days is to post more of what I like to call, "Wow God!" posts. I don't have too many exciting things to blog about as you have probably noticed. The only thing exciting about my life is God! He is my EVERYTHING!!

So without further blabbing...prepare to be wow-ed!


Brittany said...

I am ready to be wow-ed :)

All About Pictures said...

I just love you girl - I have to say you wow me a bit yourself (o.k., o.k. - what God does through you wows me) - you rock girl - love ya!

lindsey said...

i just love you and its amazing how god does so much stuff threw you your great and never change that for anyone!!(:
i love you,