Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Return To Sender...

Picture of the day!

Dear Mr. Postman,

I used my limited amounts of creativity to make adorable thank you cards for my family and friends following Christmas. I frowned upon discovering one of my thank you cards in my mail box this week with a "Return To Sender" label. Your version of an explanation came attached, letting me know that my sweet, handmade card is too small against your American postal standards. Well Mr. Postman, Can you explain to me why only 1, out of 10 cards got returned to me? All of my other cards made it on their journeys throughout the U.S. You need to up your game if you don't want tiny, heartfelt, handwritten cards slipping through the cracks of your so-called standards.


Amateur Card Maker


His Kid said...

hahahahaha!!! too funny!! you need to publish that or something!! that is odd though that 9 of 10 made it. oh well, better 9 of 10 than 1 of 10 i guess.

Rebecca said...

Haha! Did you actually give that to your post man??