Sunday, December 14, 2008

Four Christmases?

Well...actually my family will be having (only) three Christmases this year...

1) One at home

2) One in Houston, Texas with my Dad's side of the family

3) And one in Lake Jackson, Texas with my mom's side of the family

We celebrated Christmas #1 Saturday night as a family. We spent the day together beginning with Drew's basketball game, followed by some last minute shopping, a nice dinner out and a "Walk Through Bethlehem" at a local Methodist Church. We then came back to the house to open presents! My dad insisted on exchanging gifts before heading to Texas so we have less to pack. The day went really great and it was a real blessing to get to spend some time together as a family. Here are some pictures of our day...

At Drew's basketball game

At dinner....yes we still play with our food. Meet "Mr. Beet."

MK likes Italian!

Roman soldier in Bethlehem.
MK and I all bundled was very cold.

The tutu I gave Maddie for Christmas. My little princess!

My Grandma's famous Christmas drink.Emilie gave me scrapbooking stuff! yay! The backpacking tent I gave my dad and brother.MK in her tutu and opening her new DVD.

Drew with his star wars legos. He was very excited!

Mom and Em with their new iPODS!!!


jon m. said...

I love "Mr. Beet"!!! lol
That picture of MK is perfect!
Wow, Drew looked like that's what he REALLY wanted...
And, finally, I hope Emily and Mrs. Johnson enjoys their iPods! Emily told me hers was orange, I just don't know about Mrs. Johnson's yet...
Have a Merry (Early) Christmas!

coco #2 said...

WOW! Lot of stuff goin on. Hope you guys enjoy Texas.