Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Trust You Jesus

As my brother drove me to the hospital to see Christian tonight I had so many thoughts going through my head. His mom had called my dad in hysterics. I had no idea what to expect. He got back from a week long trip to the Dominican Republic on Sunday. I could only imagine the number of things that he could have picked up while there.

Like so many other times before, I was faced with the question of if I was going to trust in the Lord. This afternoon, there was no question about it. I have been through enough with my God that I know he can get me through anything. This is MY God we are talking about. You know, the one who has saved me, changed me. The One who I have watched heal. The One who I have seen give and take away. I serve a mighty God.

"I trust you Jesus. I trust you with everything."

I really, truly meant it this time. With everything in me I knew that I trusted him.

I trust Christian to him. Every relationship to him. Every season to him.

I walked into his room just in time to see him wheeled in from getting some x-rays. They tested that kid in every way imaginable, pumped 3 bags of liquid into him and we waited to hear what the news was. I was reminded of what a hunk I am marrying tonight. After entering the ER with his mom, Christian passed out and stopped breathing. It took about 5 people to get him off the ground! The verdict was a bad virus and serious dehydration. I got to watch him walk out of there on his own a few hours later and I got to ride home with him. He is doing alright.God is good. I trust my father in heaven.


Nanny said...

Oh, Lindsey, I'm praising our gracious heavenly Father that Christian is going to be okay, and that He was right beside you, as you trusted in His promises!

Loving you both!

Anonymous said...

Love how you toss in little phrases of admiration for Christian in all your posts ("I was reminded of what a hunk I am marrying tonight.") You will be an awesome helpmate.