Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have already found the treasure. Jesus. You are the treasure worth everything; worth giving everything else up for. Do I though? Do I, on a day-by-day basis, surrender everything I am and have to you? And as I now search out people who need you; people who don't know you yet, what do they see in me? Do they see the average college student worried and wanting and searching after the things of this world or do they see a courageous woman that is living for something more?

I want everything I do to reflect this reality. The reality that I have already found the treasure. Jesus. When the man found the treasure in the field, he left and immediately sold everything else he had so that he could buy it. Christian and I have been having fun registering for gift lately. As we joyfully do this and get excited preparing for a life together, we are also trying to find the balance between wanting a bunch of stuff and surrendering all that stuff to God. I am trying to keep my heart in check; remembering that the treasures on this earth will not last and that Jesus is my ultimate treasure.

Christian and I have said that more importantly, we need to be "registering" for things of eternal value; thanking God for spiritual gifts that he has blessed us with and praying for things that will last. I pray that he will continue to show us what it looks like to treasure Him above all and bring glory to his name.

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