Friday, May 22, 2009

The Closest Thing to Gossip...

When I haven't been in a tizzy over the latest Gosselin drama or SAT scores, I have been enjoying some time with the fam at Rosemary Beach. The beach was absolutely wonderful. I'm a little sunburned and a lot relaxed (that is until I had to take a good look at my SAT scores online Wednesday morning! Ha!)

Lately, I have been constantly thinking about the Gosselin family. I hardly ever pay any attention to celebrities and such but it's been hard to ignore all the rumors concerning this family the last couple of weeks. I've been praying for them and trying to read between the lines in the stupid tabloids. It has been pretty discouraging to hear what Kate is saying to the entire world to hear. She definitely not the kind of wife and mother I aspire to be. Some might not agree but I really don't care what her husband has or hasn't done, she shouldn't treat him the way she has. It is not helping your marriage to put down your husband with every other word Kate.

I hate it for them. I hate that America has put this family on a pedestal. Nobody is perfect. (I know it's hard to believe, but this goes for Christians too. ; ] )

What are your thoughts concerning this family's situation? Is their hope for them? I would like to think so. I have to admit, I love seeing those 8 precious faces on my television. I hope with all my heart that their parents will run to Jesus, because he is the author and perfecter. He is the only one who can save them from the mess they've made.


His Kid said...

I don't think it's really fair for us to judge them at all, in a good light or in a bad light. We don't know the whole story. But God knows everything that is happening and, if the Gosselin's love God the way they say they do, He is working all things to their good. (Romans 8:28) I just pray that God will give them strength and help them to make the right decisions.

Brittany said...

I love this post! It breaks my heart to hear all this stuff. I don't know what is and isn't true because obviously the tabloids have their own spin on things. I hate it for their kids if this is true and I pray they will cling to God in this. I'm with you when you say you don't aspire to be the wife Kate is! I don't either. I hate the way she is always bickering at her husband or always insulting him about something. That isn't the way God designed marriage to be. Love you girl!

Tina said...

Hey Lindsey,
God is so amazing to take your young heart and make you so wise in His ways! Keep doing what you are doing, girl. You have a wonderfully blessed, pure life ahead of you. I thought you might enjoy this blog post too...wasn't sure if you follow it or not so I wanted to share. I am not saavy enough to figure out how to make it an active link but here is the address: